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Custom Framing Miami

Because of our extensive line of frame mouldings along with mat board, glass & foam and an extensive supply line which is all stocked in our 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Miami, Moya Custom Framing can meet all your framing needs. We provide delivery in all areas of Miami, FL and to most of South Florida on our extensive line of Picture Moldings, Mat Boards, Glass, Foam Board, and Framing Supplies.

There is really no limit to our services. Whether your picture or print is over-sized, odd-sized or if you just can't find an existing frame to fit your piece, we are the company to call. Some framing jobs may be difficult for another company in Miami to do, but we can customize any frame, any size, any make. We provide free estimates. Contact us today to discuss your framing needs.

If you're looking for custom frames in Miami, we're one of the very few framers in business after 20 years. No matter what your personal taste, art speaks to every person. Whether you want to tie your dining room together with a unique piece or plan to create the piece yourself, our framing services is what you need to bring beauty to your home or office. Moya Custom Framing is a national distributor based in Miami, FL with exclusive quality picture frame mouldings at value prices. We are an independent, locally owned distributor.

Can't find a frame that fits your piece? Not to worry, we are custom framing experts with mobile set-up and delivery services in Miami. If you need your custom frame fast, we can expedite your request. We are the go-to experts for custom framing in Miami. Have a question about custom framing? We can help. Wherever in Miami you are located, we will be able to service you. 

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Picture Framing Miami

We provide picture framing in all areas of Miami. If you need picture framing, you came to the right place. Our Miami based facility has the capabilities to handle all types of picture framing projects. Learn more about our exclusive mobile picture framing service in Miami, with the convenience of on-site set-up and delivery services. Choose from a variety of finishes and stylish mouldings made to bring out the most of your home or office. To find out more about our picture framing services in Miami, contact us today!

For more information about Picture Framing, please click here.

Border Framing Miami

We have the largest selection of frame borders and mouldings in Miami! Need samples of our borders? Contact us today. From vintage frames, metal frames, acrylic frames to gold frames, we have any type of border you need. Our border framing techniques have 20 years in the making, which is why we call ourselves the experts of border framing in Miami. Any size border, any size frame. We also provide convenient mobile border framing services. Free delivery available.

For more information about Broder Framing, please click here.

Custom Framing Services in Miami

Did you know that we can setup your custom frame in the convenience if your own home? We offer a variety of framing services to our customers in Miami including mobile setup and delivery of your frame. We carry many mouldings to choose from, we can show you samples! Our experts know what they're doing and we have 20 years of experience.
Get a free estimate today, we're available to work on your piece immediately!

We Love Custom Framing!

If you love what you do, you must know the feeling.. but we must be absolutely honest with you... we love custom framing! We love it so much, we don't mind admitting it. We still don't quite understand why we became so fascinated by custom framing and these past 20 years of perfecting our craft shows how dedicated we are to our niche.
If you're home or office is located in Miami and you would like to view of frame samples, contact us for an appointment. Vew and select your custom frames and obtain the convenience of our mobile Miami custom framing services. Don't hesitate to contact for any questions you may have about framing.
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Custom Frames

Best Framing from the Best Custom Framers

Did you know we have been the exclusive framer for Ronald McDonald House Charities for the past few years? Our frames have been featured in some of today’s most famous and prestigious local events. We have framed collectible sports memorabilia from local players and teams including Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh from the Miami Heat. From framing posters for local community events to award plaques for local celebrities and politicians including Marco Rubio, we have had the wonderful experience of providing the best quality custom frames. We don’t cut corners so neither should you! Call us today to get an expert to help you now.

Custom Framing for Fine Artists

If you’re a local artist in Miami looking for a custom framer to frame your piece we can help. We have a lot of experience working with all types of materials including acrylic, wood, resin and more. If you have large scale artwork you would like to frame within the convenience of your local gallery or if you would like for us to build the frame within our facility, we can do whatever it takes to ensure your piece is safely framed. If you need to have the frame shipped, we can also safe-pack it to help avoid damage during transit.

Over 20 Years Experience

We provide custom framing services in South Florida, including Miami and Ft. Lauderdale!

We bring frame samples to you, pick up artwork
from your home or business & we deliver when it's ready.

We specialize in custom framing projects!

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Custom Framing Miami
Custom Framing Miami
We provide custom framing in Miami.

Custom Framing Services in Miami, FL

We offer custom framing services. From the Art Gallery to your home. We provide premium custom framing in Miami. Surround yourself with beauty and the means to bring your creative visions to life. We offer custom framing services in all areas of Miami.

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Framing Miami
Framing Services
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Are you looking for something special? Whether it's a unique color of paint or a particular work of art, we can help you find exactly what you need. Beyond framing we provide complete pieces for your private gallery in your home or office.

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Looking for picture frames? We offer more than just a framed picture. Chances are, what you are framing is something you prefer to remember. Let us make you a personal memorabilia of a moment frozen in time enclosed in a frame that compliments your memory. The best feeling is knowing we are building a frame around something that has great significance to you. We know how it feels because we know the joy of getting married or seeing your first born graduate from college. Your memories are special and they deserve a frame that compliments its importance. We build our frames with love. Let us help you choose the right border frame for your picture.

Picture it! A border that makes your picture look amazing. We carefully construct your frame with extreme care, from every margin to every line, we give it our golden touch. Decorate your home with our finest frames and spark conversation with every visit with your custom frame.


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    Looking for Custom Framing in Miami?

    Providing Miami with Custom Framing for Over 20 Years

    We have been providing custom framing in Miami for over 20 years and counting! If you're looking for custom framing Miami you came to the right place. Don't hesitate to contact us for custom framing. We are framers in Miami with mobile services and frame shop services. We specialize in custom frames and specialty framing. Our frame shop is located in sunny Miami with service locations through out all of Miami. Our staff are ready to serve your frame shop needs.
    Wether you're looking for a custom framer in Miami to frame your son's new college diploma or wether you're a purchasing director from a local hotel in need of custom framing services, we are the only custom framers in Miami with the experience and mobility and craftsmanship. Call us today to discuss your creative vision for your space and we can recommend a tasteful selection of frames or we can show you samples of our frames. 

    Not finding the custom framing service in Miami that can provide you with your frame?

    Find your custom framing solution with us today.

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